B FUS – Fusion system

Our pedicle screw instrumentation B Fus, adapted to the requirements of the lumbar spine arthrodesis, was specially designed to combine with our dynamic, fusion stabilization system, ‘B-Dyn‘. This combination provides an optimal solution for each treated spinal level, whatever the applied solution. Furthermore, our entire range of screws and rods
B Fus is available in a wide variety of diameters and lengths to meet all the configurations necessary for fixing the lumbar spine.”

Features - Benefits

The screws B Fus have a blunt end secure its inclusion in the pedicle. They are self-tapping , double helix and have three grooves to facilitate rapid and effective integration into the pedicle.

At a height of 13mm and a width of 11 mm, the B Fus screws are the ‘low profile ‘ in the market for better patient comfort. Their 52 ° polyaxial screws B Fus gives great adaptability .

Finally screws B Fus have a core and a variable geometry thread specifically designed for a maximum mechanical strength under the screw head and an optimum anchoring in cancellous bone .

Indications -Solutions

Instrumentation B Fus is indicated for all diseases of the lumbar spine requiring a spinal pedicle screw fastening . Its complementarity with the system B Dyn brings a unique and optimal solution for the treatment of all degenerative spinal pathologies.

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