C Cur – Cervical fusion

The Cur C system is a unique system for achieving maximum safety with the fusion of one or more levels of the cervical spine .

He include:

  • a range of PEEK cages filled anatomical shape of a bone substitute .
  • a lock PEEK radiolucent compound of two points and an anchoring plate the cage to the vertebral bodies and thereby preventing any possibility of expulsion of the cervical cage .

Features - Benefits
  • Anatomical shape of the cage respecting the physiological cervical lordosis .
  • The anchoring system is very resistant to removal efforts . It offers the best compromise between strength / size . This is a unique advantage.
  • Each implant has a very discrete radiopaque marker to check the exact position of the implants without any gene for observation of the implantation site .
  • The locking system replaces added a cervical plate in order to secure the fixing of the cage. This is a unique advantage.
  • The cage is available with a bone substitute
  • The surgical procedure is guided and reproducible
Indications - Solutions

The Cur C system can handle all indications of the degenerative cervical spine Herniated disc , foraminal stenosis , cervical- brachial neuralgia , spinal decompression, degenerative instability, traumatic instability with anterior plating .

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