B Dyn – Dynamic stabilization

For over 6 years, our B Dyn dynamic hybrid fusion system, using single viscoelastic damping technology, has already treated more than 2,000 patients worldwide.

With its recognized and unrivaled innovation, B-Dyn system adapts to any posterior spinal stabilization surgery, with the use of screws.

Associated with our screw system B-Fus, B-Dyn guarantees an optimal installation of the device.

The dynamic system B-Dyn has new properties, allowing it to stand out and thus establish itself as a reference on the dynamic stabilization market.

Features - Benefits

The B -Dyn preserves the features of intervertebral disc and facet joints by cushioning the biomechanical stresses exerted on the intervertebral level treaty. The B Dyn contributes to relieve the intervertebral disc and facet joints and prevents definitive fusion of the pathological level treaty.

Indications - Solutions

The dynamic system B -Dyn , is indicated for the treatment of degenerative lumbar pathologies undergoing changes such as disc disease , lumbar stenosis , lumbar instability but also the adjacent syndromes.

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